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#WeWonder with Carol Lim & Humberto Leon: New York Fashion Week.

On Sunday, 9th September, Opening Ceremony and New York’s drag village presented “The Gift of Showz”, co-created by Sasha Velour. Starring a expel comparison by Sasha including Jiggly Caliente, Lypsinka, Shea Couleé, West Dakota, Miss Fame and Christina Aguilera, a performers were intent as collaborators rather than models. Wearing tradition looks designed regulating Opening Ceremony’s Spring 2019 fabrics, a uncover was desirous by a thought of “Journey”. Humberto pronounced of a theme, “Sasha’s work reminds me of my possess journey. What drew me to drag shows as a teen is a same thing that propelled Carol and we to start Opening Ceremony: a jubilee of individuality, leisure of expression”.