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What happens when a Beetle meets a shark? Volkswagen creates singular Shark Week experience

Summer binds a special place in a hearts. ‘Tis a deteriorate for highway trips, cookouts, fun in a sun, and—best of all—a week of uninterrupted shark television. This year, Volkswagen of America is vehement to announce a sponsorship of Discovery Channel’s 25th annual Shark Week, airing Aug 12th to 16th.

Not that Shark Week isn’t overwhelming adequate already—clearly, it is—but we wanted to supplement to a awesomeness in a approach that was singly Volkswagen. Our solution? A Beetle shark regard cage. (Seriously—how cold does that sound?) Volkswagen designers collaborated with diver and shark researcher Luke Tipple and a group of sea engineers and designers to build a entirely organic enclosure done like a iconic Volkswagen Beetle. We don’t wish to give divided too many sum since you’ll be means to see a whole pattern and build routine in a three-part array on Discovery Channel airing Aug 12th, 13th, and 14th during 8pm EDT. Let’s only contend that this one-of-a-kind, amphibious, shark-confronting Beetle is something you’ll wish to see.

Discovery Channel has always done preparation and class charge a pivotal partial of Shark Week coverage. This year, they’ll be airing tons of new calm as good as “Shark Bites,” brief vignettes that applaud a biggest moments from Shark Weeks past, and “Sneak Peeks,” brief segments that start airing a week of Jul 23rd. Speaking of hide peeks, check out a video next for a initial demeanour during a Beetle shark regard cage.

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