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What’s a PowerShift 6-Speed involuntary transmission?

There’s zero like pushing a customary car and feeling a evident responsiveness formed on switching gears. Available on a Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta, a PowerShift 6-Speed involuntary delivery allows for a best of both worlds with a opening feel of a primer and a preference of a involuntary transmission.

How does it work?

The delivery is twin apart transmissions mounted side by side. One half contains gears 1, 3, 5 and a other 2, 4, 6. Together, a twin dry purchase pattern shifts electronically and takes adult reduction space due to miss of torque converter, and helps revoke a altogether car weight. The singular delivery delivers some-more approach involuntary tie to a engine.

Since a purchase and rigging operation is subsequent from a primer transmission, Powershift will drive, sound, and feel identical to a primer though a compulsory changeable inputs. Dual purchase technology, that produces continual torque to a drive. This is identical to record used in racecars like: Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren.

How does it feel to drive?

Driving a Powershift delivery means we might knowledge situations that are normal, though new to you. You might notice a following:

– A slight quivering underneath light acceleration or during a seashore down as a delivery adult or downshifts. Firm rigging changeable underneath assertive acceleration

– Mechanical sounds when changeable or after a car has been incited off

When on a highway starting from a passed stop, there’s a discerning response and well-spoken gearshifts as a engine manages a RPM’s to a suitable gears. Versus a primer transmission, there are reduction stop and go rolling stops, and reduction sudden rigging rendezvous during low speeds. Instead of jerky merging acceleration, a delivery allows for well-spoken organisation shifts for extended nonetheless polished feeling of response.


So, what’s a advantage of a approach involuntary tie and reduction weight? Enhanced fuel potency and fun performance.

The Powershift 6-speed involuntary delivery delivers a 7-9% potency alleviation over a normal 4-speed automatic. Dry purchase pattern eliminates waste due to pumping of delivery liquid Reduced weight equals reduction gas used.

Overall, a improvements concede for faster changeable and continual torque to a expostulate wheels creates for a silken expostulate providing we some-more control.