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Why Shaping a Future of Mobility is a Triathlon

At least, that is loyal for many doctoral students. For me, however, my PhD is some-more same to a triathlon. It’s not that one is easier than a other; it’s some-more that they benefaction opposite challenges. Doing my doctorate at University of Stuttgart in team-work with Porsche AG, we contest in 3 disciplines: elemental research, pre-development and innovation.

I have now been a PhD tyro during the Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control for a small over dual years. we separate my time between a University of Stuttgart, where we lift out investigate on optimization algorithms and optimization-based control concepts, and the Porsche Development Centre Weissach, where we work on connected automobile technologies, automotive applications and in-car content.

My highway to Porsche

To be honest, we am not one of those who have been forgetful about operative during Porsche given they were a child. And we am not that most into cars. So, my highway to Porsche was flattering winding: we performed my bachelor’s and master’s grade in Engineering Cybernetics, specializing on systems and control theory, from a University of Stuttgart. Between my bachelor’s and master’s, we got a investigate grant and spent 3 months during a National University of Singapore, where we focused on slicing corner medical robotics. Then, we trafficked a universe as a backpacker for 7 months. For my master’s thesis, we spent a division as a visiting tyro during the University of California San Diego.

Coming behind to Germany, we was seeking myself: What comes next? we was assured to do my doctorate, yet a normal 5 years of theory, training and investigate during a university did not sound unequivocally appealing to me.That’s when a former doctoral tyro and expertise co-worker told me about a a probability to obtain my PhD in team-work with Porsche and speedy me to request for it. What intrigued me was not so most a imagination code or a good sports cars — even yet they’re fun to drive. It was a probability to work on a destiny of mobility, to use digital technologies and new concepts to move innovations to a road, while doing elemental investigate on a other hand.

Jan Feiling during TNW2019 in Amsterdam

And now, here we am, bursting my time into three:


1. Better research, improved algorithms

I spend one to dual days a week during university. My investigate sets out to consider a novel category of derivative-free optimization algorithms. These are desirous by healthy phenomena like biological processes and expansion and play an increasingly executive purpose in elucidate real-time decision-making problems that arise in engineering and control problems. As computational energy continues to grow, so too will a utility of optimization algorithms and appurtenance training techniques. What we value about my time spent during university is that it allows me (i) to lower my fanciful believe in cybernetics and mathematical optimization, (ii) to indulge in unique egghead work, (iii) to work closely with other academics, and (iv) to learn and manipulate students.

2. Pre-development: Privacy by Design

Pre-development is an constituent partial in formulating and optimizing vehicles, it’s a brew of investigate and development. In Weissach, several teams are operative on several new concepts and elements that will be prepared for sequence prolongation in one to 5 years. In my work, we am focussing on how we can use a intensity of appurtenance training while guaranteeing tip standards in information security. We are now building a new process for appurtenance training that inverts a traditionally used algorithms, so that a information used never leave a automobile and a owner, nonetheless a training outcome is common with a fleet — Privacy by Design.

For those who are meddlesome in this topic: My co-worker Tobias Grosse-Puppendahl and we have already created a bit some-more in abyss about creation during Porsche — you can review a article here.

3. Innovation: AI for limit patron experience

To find innovative solutions for a destiny of mobility, Porsche depends on cooperation — with partners, suppliers and startups. we am unequivocally blissful that we am means to spend a third of my time with a loyal creation project: Together with dual startups, we are operative on a new navigation resolution that maximizes a Porsche pushing experience. The Porsche suggestion is not so most about simply removing from A to B, yet rather lies in a expostulate itself. We’ll precedence AI to commission a business to have an even improved knowledge on a road. we know this sounds tempting, yet it’s still tip secret. So, stay tuned!

Porsche during TNW2019 in Amsterdam 

There is no “regular” operative day for me — just like a 3 projects, each day is opposite and my tasks are unequivocally diversified. we adore that about my job. we adore that we am means to unequivocally puncture into speculation and investigate and, during a same time, get to know a business side and learn how to put creation on a road. we adore how this tie between University of Stuttgart and Porsche bridges a opening between speculation and practice, between academia and industry. In my opinion, that is a basement for a tolerable destiny of mobility. we took partial in many triathlons, so we know what it takes to strech this goal: a lot of staying power, proclivity and discipline.

What is your heart violence for? Have we finished your studies and would like to join us as a doctoral student? We’re always looking for new colleagueswho’d like to figure a destiny with us.

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