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Wide operation of new models presented during a Geneva Motor Show

BMW Group increases sales by 14.0 percent in February

Wide operation of new models presented during a Geneva Motor Show

Munich. The BMW Group once again softened sales volumes roughly in Feb of this year. A sum of 91,758 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce automobiles were delivered to business (prev. yr. 80,474) representing an boost of 14.0%. The figure for a year to a finish of Feb was 173,911 units 15.3% aloft than a prior year (150,893).

Ian Robertson, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, obliged for Sales and Marketing: After a estimable boost in January, sales year on year were significantly aloft as good in February. Last month we saw expansion in Asia, in particular, though we also done gains in many markets in Europe, Africa and a Americas. In pivotal sales markets such as a US, a automotive zone is also display enlivening signs of a light recovery. Almost all markets are experiencing a clear upturn. In a US, a BMW code was a shred personality in Feb with expansion of 16.3%. In Germany, a BMW Group managed to boost volumes by 6.8% notwithstanding a downward marketplace trend. In China, a association sole 96.7% some-more vehicles in a month underneath review.
Robertson added: We are looking brazen to a new BMW 5 Series and a start of deliveries on 20 March. There is already extensive seductiveness in this automobile that accounts for roughly one fifth of BMW sell volumes and is one of a brands mainstays, alongside a 1 Series and the
3 Series. However, essentially due to a 5 Series indication change, we design proxy slower expansion in sum sales during a launch proviso in spring.

A sum of 78,248 BMW code automobiles were delivered to business in Feb an boost of 13.7% (prev. yr. 68,823). For a year to a finish of February, sales were 14.7% aloft than a prior year (129,085) during 148,112 units.

Sales of a MINI code also continued to perform well. Last month, 13,443 MINI cars, 16.0% some-more than in Feb 2009 (11,584), were delivered to business worldwide. 25,645 MINI vehicles were sole in a year to a finish of February. That represents an boost of 18.2% (prev. yr. 21,704). Ian Robertson: Over a subsequent few years a MINI product family will grow from 3 to 6 members. The MINI familys fourth model, a new MINI Countryman, will arrive in showrooms in Sep and will play an critical partial in a reward brands long-term growth.
For a initial time a new MINI Countryman is now being presented during a Geneva Motor Show. Until 14 March, a BMW Group will be showcasing a far-reaching operation of new models and technologies during a show. Other highlights embody a universe premiere of a new BMW 5 Series Sedan as good as revised BMW 3 Series Coup, 3 Series Convertible and X5 models. The 2010 Geneva Motor Show also provides a showcase for dual really innovative judgment cars: With a BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid, BMW is presenting a judgment for a ground-breaking full-hybrid indication for a top center category segment. Also creation a European entrance is a BMW Concept ActiveE, a judgment automobile formed on a BMW 1 Series Coup, versed with fully-electric expostulate and innovative appetite storage technology. Two new BMW hybrid models will be accessible by mid-April, when a BMW ActiveHybrid X6 and a BMW ActiveHybrid 7 go on sale in Europe.

The Rolls-Royce code delivered 67 automobiles in Feb (prev. yr. 67/+0.0%). For a year to a finish of February, 154 Rolls-Royce cars were handed over to business worldwide
(prev. yr. 104/+48.1%).

Following a good opening in January, deliveries in a Motorcycle Segment again rose roughly in Feb by 24.6% to strech a sum of 5,485 vehicles (prev. yr. 4,401). For a year to a finish of February, that represents an boost of 14.4% to 9,299 motorcycles sold
(prev. yr. 8,132). The revised R 1200 GS, R 1200 GS Adventure and R 1200 RT, all clever volume models, contributed to this expansion as good as a newly introduced S 1000 RR.

BMW Group sales in/up to Feb 2010 during a glance

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