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With practical existence into a electric era: Audi creates technicians worldwide fit for a e-tron

With a launch of a initial all-electric array indication from a Four Rings, new hurdles are also confronting AUDI AG’s sales and use organization. “We wish to yield a use partners with a best probable support during a mutation towards electric mobility, while digitally aligning a training offering,” says Markus Siebrecht, Head of After Sales during AUDI AG. “This is because we have been operative intensively on innovative training concepts for a compulsory gift profiles. The targeted use of practical existence is an critical building retard in this process.” 

For example, use technicians use in practical space generally on a heart of a new e-tron: the high-voltage battery. In supposed routine training courses, they learn step by step how to open a battery, change a switch box or change a battery module. The advantages of virtual-reality training are that interjection to digital technology, Audi was means to hurl out a training courses efficiently, fast and during a high turn in a markets worldwide. The technicians there are so optimally prepared for a new model. In addition, a employees can get to know a new, rarely supportive record in practical space but any risk, and can establish a training speed themselves. At a same time, witty elements boost a learners’ motivation. In further to German and English, a tutorials are also accessible in Spanish and French.

The VR training for use record is formed on a modular resolution that utilizes synergies with other tools of a company. Standard interactions such as retaining components are already pre-programmed, and pattern information such as for a battery can be alien into existent sourroundings templates. This reduces prolongation and growth costs and creates a use of practical existence in array prolongation affordable.

New training concepts are already being worked on today. A multi-user proceed is conceivable, for example, in that teachers and students accommodate together in a practical space – even if they are physically during totally opposite locations. Augmented reality, a alloy of a genuine and practical worlds, is also in preparation. Audi is now building an focus for automobile physique experts in automobile dealerships that allows them to believe a Audi e-tron as a 3D indication in genuine distance around a tablet. Animations afterwards uncover a use technicians a particular correct stairs in detail.

All Audi’s training calm is accessible to use partners worldwide in a cloud-based believe database and can be accessed flexibly as required.