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Witzigmann Academy and a BMW Group honour ECKART 2016 endowment winners. Award rite during BMW Group Classic with superb celebration dinner.

Munich. The ubiquitous universe of haute cuisine
collected during BMW Group Classic in Munich final Tuesday for a special
occasion: “Chef of a century” Eckart Witzigmann presented a ECKART
2016 named after him to Dominique Crenn, Andreas Caminada, Sebastian
Copeland and a Munich Viktualienmarkt. An titular endowment was also
perceived by Julia and Tobias Moretti. In usually over 10 years, the
International Eckart Witzigmann Award, ECKART for short, has
determined itself as one of a top accolades for outstanding
achievements in a art of cookery and excellent dining. This was a fifth
year a endowment has been presented in and with a BMW Group.


For a initial time, a ECKART was presented during a new BMW Group
Classic. The roughly 13,000-square-metre ability located during Moosacher
Strasse 66 is also home to one of a immature company’s really first
prolongation halls. In a centenary year, a BMW Group chose to return
to a ancestral roots. As Maximilian Schöberl, conduct of BMW Group
Corporate and Governmental Affairs, underlined in his welcoming
remarks, it provides “a estimable sourroundings for celebrating 75 years of
Eckart Witzigmann and a 100th anniversary of a BMW Group”.
Schöberl hosted a dusk together with presenter Verena Wriedt.


The partnership between a BMW Group and a Witzigmann Academy
creates a height for shortcoming in a grill trade. Dr.
Friedrich Eichiner, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG,
obliged for Finance, and enthusiast of a event, emphasised the
significance of a ECKART: “With Eckart Witzigmann and a Witzigmann
Academy, we have succeeded in providing uninformed impetus. Today, the
ECKART is one of a many prestigious awards in a culinary world.
Sustainable haute cuisine, obliged doing of food products and
well-developed joining to compelling immature talent – that is what the
name Eckart Witzigmann stands for.” He continued: “We have shown that
‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’ and culinary pleasure go good together. We
interest to people who find and value what is special – and we both
conclude ‘premium’ essentially by shortcoming and sustainability.”


The dusk was also a really special arise for Eckart Witzigmann:
“It is critical that we actively figure change in a society. The
concentration has returned to flawlessness and originality, with a product
a star. Those who offer this aim should be commended. we would also
like to appreciate a BMW Group for origination this dusk possible.”


The BMW Group also advantages from a partnership with Eckart
Witzigmann. A good instance of this is “NAHtürlich”, a BMW Group’s
catering commander project, that brings innovative, informal and seasonal
dishes to a menu for BMW Group employees. Specifically, given early
June, BMW Group staff during a Research and Innovation Centre in Munich
have had entrance to a food hire that usually serves dishes done from
in-season, informal products, animal-welfare-friendly prolongation and
tolerable fisheries. “We wish to commission a employees to have an
active and certain impact on their nutrition. That is partial of our
corporate responsibility,” explained Milagros Caiña-Andree, member of
a Board of Management of BMW AG, obliged for Human Resources,
during a endowment ceremony.


The successive celebration cooking in honour of a endowment winners offering a
new interpretation of Eckart Witzigmann’s classical dishes underneath the
instruction of Martin Fauster, cook de cuisine during a Hotel Königshof in Munich.


ECKART 2016 endowment winners

ECKART 2016 for a Art of Cookery: Andreas Caminada,
Fürstenau, Switzerland.

At 33 years of age, Andreas Caminada became Switzerland’s youngest
three-star cook and has confirmed this high customary during his
grill during Schloss Schauenstein in Fürstenau given 2010. The top
cook from a canton of Graubünden focuses on a strange essence of
anniversary alpine products. Unexpected combinations and methods of
display eventually combine all elements to form a culinary whole.
“Cooking is a ability anyone can learn,” believes Caminada. Since 2016,
his substructure “Fundaziun Uccelin” (Romansh for “little bird”) has
nurtured particular cook and use talents from home and abroad with
a aim of guaranteeing high-quality Swiss cuisine over a prolonged term.

Eckart Witzigmann paid reverence to a three-star chef: “The destiny is
secure in a past – and a destiny of gastronomy will count to a
vast border on immature talents. This is an area that has been neglected
in a past – that creates Andreas Caminda’s bold joining to
a subsequent era all a some-more important.”


ECKART 2016 for Innovation: Dominique Crenn, San Francisco, USA

Dominique Crenn combines creativity with extensive culinary
craftsmanship and an middle adore of precision. She resolutely believes that
food can pierce people in a same approach as a poem, a strain or a painting.
The menu due by French-born Crenn is a poem in itself, with
particular dishes hardly hinted during with names such as “Walking low in
a woods”, “The soreness of those soft, swimming creatures” or “As the
earth competence have something to spare”.

In 2012, Crenn became a initial womanlike cook in a United States to
acquire dual Michelin stars for her “Atelier Crenn”. In 2016, she was
named a “world’s best womanlike chef” in “The World’s 50 Best
Restaurants” list.

Eckart Witzigmann is a outrageous suitor of her work and Crenn expressed
her interjection “for a extensive impulse and passion for haute
cuisine that we was means to share with Eckart Witzigmann.”


ECKART 2016 for Art of Living: a Munich Viktualienmarkt

With around 112 sellers of top-quality food items, delicacies and
flowers, a Munich Viktualienmarkt is a flagship for a city. Around
30 retailers also import a extended operation of outlandish delicacies to the
Bavarian capital. Eckart Witzigmann: “The Viktualienmarkt has always
been a source of impulse for me – a place where we find time for
a sharp-witted conversation. Top-quality products form a basement for good
food – and that is what we find above all else during a Viktualienmarkt.”

Representing a marketplace as a whole were Elke Fett, from the
dried-flower mount “Duftschmankerl”, Manuela Wilkerson, from
“Teltschik’s sausage stand”, and Marina Bröckelt, from the
delicatessen “Marina’s Feinkost”. Fett: “We are gay that
ubiquitous cuisine during a top turn is committed to regional
and internal products. We are unapproachable of a work we do and where we are from.”


ECKART 2016 for Creative Responsibility and Enjoyment (endowed
by a BMW Group with 10,000 euros): Sebastian Copeland, Los
Angeles, USA

Sebastian Copeland is a frigid explorer, environmental activist,
adventurer and award-winning photographer. He has addressed a United
Nations and World Affairs Council and expelled books and films
categorically warning opposite a impact of meridian change – in a Polar
regions and around a world.

Following his channel of a Simpson Desert in Australia in August
2016, Copeland will embark on a second proviso of his speed in
Feb 2017 – roving from a Canadian mainland to a North Pole
opposite a ice on skis. In an romantic speech, Copeland explained
that this will substantially be a final event to do so, given the
Arctic icecap has shrunk by some-more than half over a past 30 years,
origination destiny crossings impossible.

“My camera allows me to uncover people a beauty of a universe – and
a fragility. If people can tumble in adore with a universe all over
again, it is easier to convince them to safety it. It is important
to yield a forum for changing how we provide a environment. With
this award, Eckart Witzigmann and a BMW Group are partial of that
change,” pronounced Sebastian Copeland in thanks.


HONORARY AWARD 75 years Eckart Witzigmann: Julia and Tobias
Moretti, Ranggen, Austria

Actor Tobias Morretti and his wife, Julia, lead a isolated life on a
400-year-old towering plantation on 35 hectares in Tyrol. The “Omesberg” in
Ranggen lies south of Innsbruck during an altitude of 8 hundred
metres. The integrate is actively concerned in informal value creation,
essay for a long-term boost in ubiquitous peculiarity recognition and to
safety biodiversity by normal breeds. For example, the
Morettis lift Tyrol’s oldest multiply of cattle, a “Tux-Zillertaler”.

Eckart Witzimann praised a integrate in his speech: “The Morettis run
their plantation a approach it should be. That is sustainability in a best
probable form.”

“This endowment is a good honour for us – but, many of all, it is a call
for us to continue in a same direction,” pronounced Julia Moretti in her
thank-you speech. Her father Tobias Moretti resolutely believes there is
a destiny for alpine agriculture: “We were undone that even though
newness and flawlessness have turn buzzwords for complicated society,
it has not been probable to live from that kind of cultivation until
now. We wanted to come adult with an choice concept: we consider we succeeded.”


ECKART, Witzigmann Academy and a BMW Group

The International Eckart Witzigmann Award is one of a most
prestigious honours recognising superb achievements in a art of
cooking and excellent dining. “Chef of a century” Eckart Witzigmann has
awarded a ECKART for singular culinary achievements and special
joining underneath a extended spectrum of lifestyle given 2004. In
partnership with a BMW Group, a Witzigmann Academy presents awards
annually in 3 categories: “Art of Cookery”, “Innovation” and “Art
of Living”. The Academy presented a initial ECKART for “Creative
Responsibility and Enjoyment” in 2013, with a money endowment of 10,000
euros included by a BMW Group.

Previous ECKART winners embody Daniel Boulud (New York City); HRH
Charles, Prince of Wales (Highgrove); Elena Arzak (San Sebastian);
Anne-Sophie Pic (Valence); Harald Wohlfahrt (Tonbach); Dieter Kosslick
(Berlin); Ferran Adrià (Barcelona); Marc Haeberlin (Illhaeusern); Joël
Robuchon (Paris); Alex Atala (Sao Paulo); Jon Rose (Los Angeles); Mick
Hucknall (Manchester); Claus Meyer (Copenhagen) and many more.

A conference on a specific gastronomic subject is also hold annually.

Sustainability has been an constituent partial of a BMW Group’s corporate
plan for many years, with tolerable growth firmly
determined as a corporate aim during Group level: from a development
of alternative, fuel-saving car concepts through
environmentally-compatible prolongation processes to eco-friendly
recycling methods. At a BMW Group, tolerable meditative and action
influences not usually a product, though a whole value chain. In all
areas of a company, a concentration is on suggestive and obliged use
of appetite and tender materials.



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