Audi Canada

Works Council and Company secure destiny of Audi together

“We have prolonged been fighting for a pursuit pledge adult until a finish of 2025. Our colleagues need that certainty, and that is something we can now finally give them,” announced Peter Mosch during a start of a works meeting.

The General Works Council Chairman also emphasized a critical significance of these organisation decisions by a Company in an age of ongoing digitalization and new expostulate technologies, in sequence to reduce employees’ fears about a future. “That is because privately a preference on a dual new all-electric SUVs is another miracle on a highway to a secure future,” combined Mosch. The worker member took a preference as organisation justification that Audi will not merely arise to a hurdles of digitalization and electric mobility, though will lead a approach in those fields.

It is their faith that serve investment by a Board of Management in destiny technologies, gift programs, domestic locations and practice will take a Company in a really earnest direction.

“It’s transparent that a foundation of a site and a approaching developments in a automobile marketplace will continue to direct coherence from a workforce, though equally transparent that a Company needs to arise to a plea to make this destiny employee-friendly. Come what may,” announced General Works Council Chairman Peter Mosch.  

The Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI, Rupert Stadler, views a Audi devise of conflict as a transparent joining to a German sites and to progressing their competitiveness. The devise of conflict envisages 20 electrified models by 2025, of that some-more than 10 will be automobiles with all-electric drive; this is earmarked as a core member of a “Audi. Future.” agreement. “Building adult production ability for electric cars in Germany is during a heart of this agreement for a future, that we are now negotiating. It demonstrates a transparent joining to a destiny of a Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm plants.” And with an eye to a stream challenges, Stadler added: “The transition to electric mobility and a ubiquitous sensitivity of automobile markets direct measureless coherence from a Company and a workforce.”

Background information:
Works meetings are hold 4 times a year during Audi and are bound events in a annual timetable. The purpose of a meetings is to yield employees with extensive information on a activities of a Works Council and to give a workforce an discernment into a conditions of a Company.