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Works assembly during Wolfsburg plant: Positive comment of a severe year

Together with a General Works Council Chairman, Bernd Osterloh, a Chairman of a Volkswagen Board of Management, Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, gave a certain comment of a year that is now entrance to an end. “2014 was a tough year though it was also a successful year for a Group and for a Wolfsburg plant in a final resort,” pronounced Winterkorn on Thursday.

Throughout a world, a Group will substantially sell some-more than 10 million vehicles and a plant during Group domicile in Wolfsburg will furnish some-more than 830,000 vehicles. “This would all not have been probable though your dedication, your skills and your tough work. My colleagues on a Board of Management and we would like to appreciate we many unequivocally for your achievements,” Winterkorn said.

Osterloh stated: “Over a past year, a colleagues have once again demonstrated that we intend to grasp a goals of Strategy 2018 with special shifts, work during a plant holidays and many hours of overtime in non-production departments. We also support a potency module of Dr. Winterkorn as we intend to continue a high turn of investment in a products and markets. Together, we can all be confident with a opening of a group in 2014 and demeanour brazen with confidence to a New Year, that will move serve special shifts during Wolfsburg, temperament declare to high direct from customers.“

The Group took a leave of Prof. Dr. Werner Neubauer, a long-standing member of a Volkswagen code Board of Management obliged for Components, who is timid during a finish of a year. The Chairman of a Board of Management respected him as a celebrity who had “accompanied and done Volkswagen for roughly half a century.”

“You were ardent about your components and your team, that is certainly one of a reasons because Volkswagen Components is now so innovative, so clever and so competitive,” pronounced Winterkorn.

Osterloh also praised Neubauer: “Up to this day, Werner Neubauer has valid that components constructed within a Group can be rival and that we have no reason to fear outmost competition.” According to Osterloh, a growth of Volkswagen Components has been a success both in terms of economics and in terms of practice policy. He pronounced that member prolongation also set standards as regards technology. “As a result, we are well-positioned for a future. Werner Neubauer has been instrumental in this success story,” pronounced a Chairman of a General Works Council.

On his retirement, “Mr. Component“ (Winterkorn) perceived a long-lasting acclaim from a workforce, a Works Council and a Board of Management. Neubauer will sojourn active for a Group as a consultant and will work on a pivotal subject of “Industry 4.0” in a future.

According to this matter done by Winterkorn, a Group will have 3 categorical focuses in 2015: tellurian participation and serve internationalization, a strengthening of technological care and a “Future Tracks” program, that is dictated to make a Group and a code fitter in a prolonged term.

In this context, a Group will be creation substantial investments. Group output adult to 2019 on new models, environmentally concordant technologies and plants will surpass €85 billion. “It is generally critical for me to note that about 56 percent of investments in bound assets, or some-more than €36 billion, will be done in Germany,” pronounced Winterkorn. During this period, some €5.3 billion are to be invested in Wolfsburg. Winterkorn: “It would frequency be probable for us to demonstrate a joining to this plcae some-more clearly.” He combined that investment in a destiny and potency were dual sides of a same coin. This was because a investment module was also a pivotal member of a “Future Tracks” potency and destiny initiative.

However, Winterkorn also mentioned that foe for a mobility of a destiny would be really tough and success would not be easy. “It is therefore a really good thing that a Works Council is not usually open to these future-oriented topics though is also pushing these topics brazen together with us. This once again confirms that we figure a destiny together during Volkswagen.”

Together with Works Council Chairman Osterloh, Winterkorn also gave a workforce an refurbish on a efforts that had been done given Jul to safeguard larger potency and softened formula for a Volkswagen brand. The potency beginning had started in a rarely earnest approach and was being actively upheld by all units. Structures, a vast series of measures and a track to be taken in 2015 had all been defined. The many ideas submitted and initiatives adopted by employees were underlined.