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World premiere for a Audi A4 L during a Auto China 2016 in Beijing

More space – reduction weight: a vital specifying underline of a new Audi A4 L. With a length of 4.81 meters (15.8 ft) and a longer wheelbase of 2.91 meters (9.5 ft) – 4 centimeters (1.6 in) some-more than a prototype indication – it cuts an commanding figure on a road. Its luggage dungeon offers 480 liters (17.0 cu ft) of space. Yet a unladen weight has been significantly reduced – a new chronicle weighs adult to 110 kilograms (242.5 lb) reduction than a predecessor. The rarely streamlined figure of a midsize sedan, with a drag fellow of 0.23, also creates a outrageous grant to efficiency.

Imposing: issuing design, eye-catching chrome strips
The issuing pattern with obvious lines communicates a brand’s typically sporty elegance. The front and back ends are characterized by a consistently plane line that emphasizes a car’s width. The shimmer package includes chrome strips on a sculpted Singleframe radiator grille, a window surrounds, a side sills and during a back end. For a initial time ever, Audi is provision Matrix LED record with energetic spin signals for a Audi A4 L. As standard, a automobile is versed with xenon and headlights for educational a highway ahead.

First class: a interior of a new Audi A4 L
The new Audi A4 L carries a passengers in comfort that is estimable of a full-size car, and space is together in abounding supply. The peculiarity of workmanship is high and customary of a Audi brand. The car’s acoustic comfort sets new standards in a segment.

The ease and superb lines in a interior stress a width, while a vast trim aspect divides a front of a instrument panel. Optional watchful contour lighting illuminates a doors and core console in a dark. The colors and materials follow a new lines concept, that gives a patron even some-more leisure to supplement particular touches. In further to a bottom models, there are a competition and pattern lines, and a S line competition package and pattern preference during a tip end.

Intuitive: a doing concept
The new sedan incorporates a horde of intelligent, intuitively operated technologies. The discretionary fine involuntary atmosphere conditioning complement can be tranquil with only a few buttons and dials. One innovative prominence is a head-up arrangement that projects applicable information onto a windshield directly in a driver’s margin of prophesy in a form of black and characters.

All critical information can also be shown in a Audi practical cockpit, that is accessible as an discretionary feature. Its 12.3-inch shade displays rarely minute graphics in shining high fortitude and with intricately rendered effects. The needle of a tachometer, for example, is updated 60 times per second, so it is positively liquid in a movement. The Audi practical cockpit is tranquil around a multifunction steering wheel. The motorist can select between dual arrangement modes – a classical perspective and a infotainment perspective with vast navigation map.

The depot of a MMI doing complement on a core hovel console has a clear, neat design. Vehicles versed with a top-end infotainment system, a MMI navigation and with MMI touch, have a touchpad in a rotary push-button control for zooming in and out and entering characters. The 8.3-inch guard is slim and elegant. The MMI doing proof uses prosaic hierarchies and is identical to that of a smartphone. It also includes an intelligent free-text hunt function. The new voice control complement can commend inputs done regulating bland denunciation – including in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Online during high speed: Audi connect
Audi bond takes a new Audi A4 L online regulating a LTE standard. Passengers can roller and email around a Wi-Fi hotspot. The motorist can make use of a tailored services of Audi connect. These embody trade information online, parking information, a Traffic Mini Maps, Road Restrictions and a Point of Interest (POI) Call Center.

State of a art: a infotainment modules
One new and appealing infotainment underline is a Audi smartphone interface. This integrates dungeon phones into an sourroundings grown generally for them. The Bang  Olufsen Sound System with innovative 3D sound introduces a spatial dimension of tallness by means of 4 special loudspeakers. An amplifier with an outlay of 755 watts controls 19 loudspeakers. The outcome is a unison hall-type listening experience.

New standard: motorist assistance systems
The operation of motorist assistance systems sets standards in a class. The Audi pre clarity city complement warns a motorist if there is a hazard of a collision with other vehicles and pedestrians. If necessary, it triggers full braking. The park assist, exit warning and collision deterrence support systems can further make a vital grant to preference and safety.

Audi active lane assist helps a motorist to stay in lane, while a adaptive cruise control StopGo including trade jam support can make their charge easier by holding over a steering during speeds of adult to 65 km/h (40.4 mph) on precocious roads when trade is congested. For Audi, a new complement represents a subsequent step towards piloted driving.

More performance, reduction fuel: a new 2.0 TFSI
The new A4 L is accessible in China in dual TFSI engine versions. Customers can select a 2.0 TFSI with 140 kW (190 hp) or with 185 kW (252 hp).

The prominence of a lineup is a newly grown 140 kW (190 hp) 2.0 TFSI engine. It uses a totally new explosion routine that combines sporty energy with greatest efficiency. Audi combines a engines with a seven-speed S tronic transmission, that is also a new development. The lightning-fast dual-clutch delivery contributes significantly to a car’s low fuel expenditure figures. Power is delivered to a front wheels or to all 4 wheels if a patron has opted for quattro permanent all-wheel drive.

Luxuriously well-spoken ride: a chassis
The new Audi A4 L combines sporty doing with float comfort levels coming those of a subsequent aloft car class. Its new-design five-link front and back suspensions are lightweight systems with rarely supportive response characteristics. The electromechanical energy steering provides tighten hit with a road.

Extended: customary equipment
The new Audi A4 L will start nearing during Chinese dealerships in late summer. Its customary apparatus has turn even some-more extensive compared with a prototype models. It now includes such facilities as xenon headlights and a 7-inch MMI tone display.