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World premiere of a Tiguan GTE Active Concept in Detroit


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• In a Tiguan GTE Active Concept, Volkswagen is showcasing a technical
  capabilities of a MQB platform
• Volkswagen is presenting an all-wheel expostulate judgment that meets destiny needs with
  an electric propshaft approach
• Gesture control is another underline that contributes to preference and safety

At a North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Volkswagen is presenting a Tiguan GTE Active Concept. The judgment automobile is formed on a new Tiguan, and it showcases a technical capabilities of a modular cross matrix. The primary idea was to emanate a singularity of plug-in hybrid record and limit off-road performance.

Dr Herbert Diess, Chairman of a Volkswagen Brand Board of Management, explained: “The Tiguan GTE Active Concept shows a intensity of a Volkswagen plug-in expostulate systems. The absolute all-wheel expostulate complement ensures that an SUV such as a Tiguan offers higher off-road performance, even in 100% electric mode. It successfully implements foundation of all-wheel expostulate technology, that is so critical for SUV’s.”

The five-seater judgment automobile is formed on a totally redesigned second-generation of a Tiguan. The all-wheel plug-in hybrid complement of a Tiguan GTE Active Concept – with a turbocharged gasoline direct-injection engine (110 kW / 150 PS) and one electric engine during a front spindle (40 kW / 54 PS) and one during a back spindle (85 kW / 115 PS) – reflects a extended operation of technical capabilities of a new era of SUV’s. The newly grown infotainment complement that facilities a 9.2-inch touchscreen with high-quality potion aspect and gesticulate control is a initial infotainment complement but any required rotary knobs or tough keys. An authentic off-road demeanour with plain aluminum underbody insurance and additional belligerent clearway turn out a assured demeanour of a Tiguan GTE Active Concept.

On a road, a judgment automobile radically runs as a zero-emission vehicle, handling 100% in electric mode. In normal pushing situations, thrust comes around a electric engine on a back axle. However, as shortly as traction detriment is detected, a front spindle is intent too within fractions of a second. This also happens whenever a motorist activates one of a all-wheel or off-road programs around a newly grown 4MOTION Active Control complement that was privately configured for a judgment car. Then too, a Tiguan GTE Active Concept starts off in an all-wheel mode with 0 emissions. The Volkswagen can cover adult to 32 kilometers / 20 miles in this mode all-electrically. The vehicle’s sum operation is 933 kilometers / 580 miles with a battery assign of 12.4 kWh and 64 liters of fuel in a tank.

The new Tiguan, that launches in Germany in open 2016, kicks off a Volkswagen SUV product offensive. Following a launch in Europe, a Tiguan with a prolonged wheelbase will be introduced in a USA. As early as a finish of 2016, a totally redesigned mid-size SUV grown for a American marketplace will be rolling off a prolongation line during a company’s US plant in Chattanooga.