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World premiere on Red Square: Audi A5 DTM in Moscow

The agreements have been signed, a date has been confirmed, a turn of fad before a eventuality is rising. While a motorsport theatre is feverishly looking brazen to a DTM entrance in Russia, Audi sent 3 of a stars to Red Square months before a initial race: Mattias Ekström, Edoardo Mortara and an Audi A5 DTM. Press discussion during a Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, rite phenomenon of a 460-hp competition car, print fire on Red Square, good unrestrained and large requests for autographs by a Russian fans – a initial revisit of a DTM stars in a heart of Moscow caused a vital sensation.

“Complementing a calendar by a competition in Moscow outlines a wilful step for a DTM. It’s a good event to benefaction ourselves in an critical marketplace with an affinity for motorsport,” pronounced Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich. The numbers underscore a stress of a nation for Audi: More than 33,500 automobiles delivered to Russian business in 2012 conform to an boost by 44.1 percent compared to a year before. Of Audi’s tip 10 sales markets, Russia was a one to record a fastest expansion final year.  

“The outrageous unrestrained we were met with in Moscow is fantastic,” pronounced Mattias Ekström, who had never been to Russia before. “I always suffer removing to know new countries and people. Right after a initial day here in Moscow I’m assured that it has been a really good preference to reason a competition here. we can frequency wait to lapse in August.”

Two-time competition leader in a 2012 season, Edoardo Mortara, has high expectations as well: “I don’t know a Moscow Raceway nonetheless though a blueprint looks engaging and promises a lot of action. we consider a spectators can design utterly a bit on lane and of march off lane as well. I’m really vehement about a DTM’s initial revisit to Russia.”

Elena Smirnova, Head of Audi Russia, shares a fad of a dual Audi stars. “Motorsport is a best forge of a brand’s technologies,” she said. “Now, when this kind of competition is on a arise in Russia, when veteran competition marks are being built in opposite regions of a country, Audi is prepared to uncover a new edges of a character. The fans of Audi here are looking brazen to a commencement of a DTM series’ new season. They will be means to hearten for a drivers, privately attending a theatre during Moscow Raceway for a initial time. Russia is one of a tip 10 markets for Audi, so today, a few months before a championship gets to a country, we are gratified to deliver a Audi A5 DTM to a fans.”