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World preview of a New Fiat Doblò

  • The usually “Active Family Space” dictated for a modern, sporty and energetic family is coming.
  • Complete redesign of extraneous and interior, to demonstrate incomparable impetus and personality.
  • Even some-more technological equipment- Uconnect 5″ complement accessible from today- and segment-leading safety, with airbags (up to 6) ESP complement and Hill Holder duty as standard.
  • Up to 7 seats, 790-litre luggage compartment, many storage compartments and glorious climatic and acoustic comfort, as good as a best doing in a difficulty interjection to a disdainful Bi-link suspension.
  • One of a widest and endless engine ranges in a segment: 7 units – energy from 90 to 135 HP fuelled by petrol, diesel and methane.
  • 3 trim levels (Pop, Easy and Lounge), 2 roof heights, 2 wheelbases, 11 physique colours, 2 chair configurations (standard with 5 seats, on ask with 7).
  • Fourth era of a indication that, from 2000 to date, has seen sales of approximately 300,000 in a EMEA area.
  • On sale in 29 countries in a EMEA area and constructed in Turkey, a New Doblò can already be systematic as of this week and will arrive in Fiat showrooms starting from February.


    Fiat presents a New Doblò, a usually “Active Family Space” in a shred means to prove a mandate of a modern, sporty and energetic family that uses it 7 days a week, on work days and during a weekend alike, but boundary in terms of space and use.


    Available for sequence from this week, a New Doblò will arrive in Fiat showrooms starting from February. 


    The new automobile represents a fourth era of a indication that, launched during a finish of 2000 and updated in 2005 and 2010, has seen approximately 300,000 registrations to date in a EMEA area. A winning design, that has valid means to rise over time to accommodate a several final of mobility, comfort and honour for a sourroundings that have constantly turn partial of contemporary society.


    The New Doblò now offers a totally redesigned extraneous and interior means to demonstrate impetus and celebrity by a some-more sold form and lines. The technological apparatus too is extended with new user-friendly calm that creates any tour on house a New Doblò a pleasure. An example? The Uconnect multimedia complement with 5″ colour touchscreen, which, on request, can be versed with integrated navigation and digital radio (DAB) playback.


    An sourroundings for vital to a full for travellers, for those who adore to be in association or those who select it as their convenience time partner. Whatever your passion or charge for a vehicle, a New Doblò gives we good modularity of interior space – ever a clever indicate of a model – charity adult to 7 seats, a plenty 790-litre luggage cell (heading adult a segment), a many storage compartments and a useful separate back chair (60/40).


    What’s more, a New Doblò guarantees a best doing in a category – in partial interjection to Bi-link suspension, disdainful in a segment – and a extended contentment on board, as demonstrated by a light, ethereal newcomer cell with glorious climatic and acoustic comfort. This gentle and unsentimental sourroundings can also exaggerate reserve calm that places it during a tip of a category: again as customary are front airbags, ESP complement and Hill Holder function.


    Another record set by a New Doblò is a engine range, one of a widest and many endless in a category, comprising no fewer than 7 units – energy from 90 to 135 HP fuelled by petrol, diesel and methane. On sale in 29 countries in a EMEA area, a New Doblò offers 3 trim levels (Pop, Easy and Lounge), 2 roof heights, 2 wheelbases, 11 physique colours (including a new Colosseo Grey), 5 interiors and 2 chair configurations (standard with 5 seats, on ask with 7).


    As in a prior generations, a New Doblò is constructed in a Tofaş plant in Bursa, Turkey, one of a best industrial automotive sites in a world, as demonstrated by a Gold Medal it was awarded during a World Class Manufacturing assessment.



    A consummate renovate of a extraneous and interior design, as seen from a complicated and sold front end, station out on that are a new bumpers and streamlined carp in assent with a bend of a roof. New facilities on a light clusters too, front and rear, that rise harmoniously and elegantly, highlighting a plane trail of a vehicle’s lines, as good as being positioned high adult to strengthen them from tiny impacts.


    Seen from a side, a New Doblò is characterised by a line that runs along a whole side, lending impetus and expostulate to a vehicle.  A certain issuing peculiarity is instead supposing by a continual territory regulating low down, from a front circle arch to a rear, flitting by a side strip. The endless glassy aspect too creates a good impression, extended by accessible changeable doors that make it even easier to settle on board.


    Also creation their grant to a purify character of a side are a doorway mirrors, with integrated instruction indicators. The vast mirrors safeguard best prominence and can, on request, underline electrically tranquil folding. Finally, station out during a side are a 16″ amalgamate circle rims or a new heart caps, while on a tailgate is a distinguished “logo holder” rope in a same colour as a body, that lightens a altogether line.


    New Doblò business can select between 11 physique colours including a new Colosseo Grey, that serve enhances a agreeable form, lending it an coming that is concurrently superb and distinctive. 


    The character has also been updated for a interior, that was designed to offer good functionality, as good as a widest accumulation of personalisation, interjection to a multiple of colours, materials and trim. Among a categorical new facilities is a new ergonomic dashboard, which, depending on a trim level, has a fascia with a colour that varies to compare a chair and doorway quarrel trim. In detail, a Easy chronicle facilities a new fabric trim that can be red or grey, depending on a customer’s wishes (in both cases a dashboard is grey), while a newcomer cell of a New Doblò Pop is characterised by a shade of grey both for a fabric trim and a dashboard. Finally, a Lounge trim turn offers twin solutions: grey or beige dashboard and fabric.


    Also new are a ergonomic steering circle and a instrument panel, that is updated with clear, appealing graphics for reading all a information useful to a motorist during a glance. In addition, it’s easier to entrance a buttons for a StartStop, ASR and methane fuel supply (where present) systems on a new model.


    This is all extended by many unsentimental storage compartments, such as – for example – a front drawer that can reason a 10″ inscription or a intensely useful “hood” – a accessible open cell on a tip of a windscreen – that also houses a baby notice mirror. In short, there’s a genuine resources of intelligent solutions for regulating a inner space to accommodate a needs of those who take a New Doblò and use it as a car for life with family and friends.



    Engine versions

    The new indication boasts one of a widest engine ranges in a segment. All are characterised by qualities of reliability, opening and honour for a environment. The petrol units are a 1.4 95 HP and 1.4 T-JET 120 HP, while a turbodiesels are a 1.6 MultiJet 90 HP (also with Dualogic robotised gearbox), a 1.6 MultiJet 105 HP and a 2.0 MultiJet 135 HP.

    The offer is finished by a dual-fuel (petrol/methane) 1.4 T-JET 120 HP Natural Power, that ensures a same opening as a petrol chronicle together with all a financial and environmental advantages offering by methane.



    The New Doblò heads adult a difficulty in terms of modular inner space, as demonstrated by a front newcomer chair that can overlay down to a list (optional) and those of a second and third quarrel (in a box of a 7-seat configuration), that can be reclined and folded down simply interjection to a unsentimental and ergonomic transformation levers, or even private completely, so formulating a truly endless space a whole length of that can be exploited.


    That’s but mentioning a luggage cell braggadocio category-leading dimensions: in a brief wheelbase version, 790 litres are accessible (measured adult to a parcel shelf), apropos 1,050 litres in a prolonged wheelbase version. If a back seats are folded down, a volume increases to 3,200 and 4,000 litres respectively: these are record values for a segment. And there’s even more: contributing to a good coherence of a New Doblò is a probability of positioning a parcel shelf during several levels (it boasts a record ability of 70 kg, no less).




    The New Doblò is during a tip of a category for energetic performance, doing and pushing satisfaction. Among other things, effect for this goes to a Bi-link back cessation complement – an disdainful for a indication – that includes eccentric wheels, anti-roll bar, twin calibration back startle absorbers (calibrated miscarry and application for a best in terms of handling, comfort, hurl and stability) and high-performance springs to yield softened damping opening on all roads.


    One component that contributes to pushing compensation is a softened rigging push manoeuvrability. Several technical interventions now have contributed to obscure a compulsory bid and providing incomparable rigging changeable accuracy. Furthermore, a communication between accessible torque and pedal operation has been improved, to broach some-more torque a movement on a pedal being equal: a advantages for a motorist are quite apparent in normal conditions of use during low rpm and in city traffic.



    On a infotainment front, a New Doblò offers twin calm levels according to trim level, both of that are certain to pledge an sparkling low-pitched experience. The initial complement has an active pattern display, FM/AM radio, USB media player/iPod connection, AUX-IN port, automatically adjusting volume according to speed, Bluetooth record (without voice recognition) and controls on a steering circle (the latter optional).


    The New Doblò also comes with a renouned Uconnect 5″ multimedia complement already propitious on many Fiat vehicles. More in detail, a high-tech device is formed on a 5″ colour touchscreen, one of a largest of a segment, for accessing a categorical functions, that embody analogue and digital radio (the latter optional) and multimedia resources (media player, iPod, iPhone, smartphone) that can be connected by USB pier and AUX-IN connector.


    In addition, a complement includes an modernized Bluetooth interface to entrance additional functions, such as phone call government or reading perceived SMS calm messages around text-to-speech technology, not to discuss a innovative Audio Streaming complement to play audio files and web radio stations directly from your smartphone in streaming around Bluetooth on a Uconnect device.


    The Uconnect 5″ complement is finished by controls on a steering circle and eco:Drive program to assistance save fuel and cut CO2 emissions. Integrated navigation grown in partnership with TomTom is also accessible on demand.


    Safety and contentment on board

    In terms of safety, a New Doblò ensures sum newcomer insurance by wise state-of-the-art electronic inclination for fortitude control, namely ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution), ESC finish with ASR (Anti Slip Regulation), HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assist) and Hill Holder systems to assistance on mountain starts. Safety apparatus includes front airbags (side bags are optional) and tyre vigour monitoring system. 


    Travelling in a New Doblò with a ethereal environment, pleasing surfaces, gentle wrap-around seats and endless glassy aspect is always a good experience. The lifted pushing position and a ergonomic control arrangement make a space easy and quite pleasing to handle.


    The meridian inside a newcomer cell is essential for comfort on a highway and is equally critical for medicine safety, since temperature, steam and movement all change a driver’s contentment and turn of courtesy as a consequence. This is because a New Doblò fits a meridian control complement – possibly involuntary or primer according to trim levels – with incomparable sized, elegantly made front vents and approach movement in a back partial of a vehicle.


    Counting on a still newcomer cell for personification song or simply articulate is critical for stress-free driving. This is because new soundproofing element was used to make a New Doblò to urge a accent index by 5 per cent in normal (measured on diesel engine versions).



    Marketed in 29 countries in a EMEA area, a New Doblò operation facilities 3 trim levels (Pop, Easy and Lounge), 2 roof heights, 2 wheelbases, 11 physique colours, 2 chair configurations (5 or 7 seats), 5 interior environments and 7 engine versions: 1.4 95 HP and 1.4 T-JET 120 HP petrol, 1.6 MultiJet 90 HP (also with Dualogic robotised gearbox), 1.6 MultiJet 105 HP and 2.0 MultiJet 135 HP turbodiesel in further to a dual-fuel (petrol/methane) 1.4 T-JET 120 HP Natural Power.


    Below you’ll find a outline of a operation unfailing for a whole EMEA segment which, depending on a market, facilities some differences in calm (standard or optional) in sequence to best accommodate a needs of a sold countries. To see a specific operation for any country, revisit your internal Fiat Press website.


    Mopar® for a New Doblò

    Mopar – a code of anxiety for a services, Customer Care, strange gangling tools and accessories of a Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brands – offers some-more than 100 specific accessories for a New Doblò that mix in seamlessly with a vehicle’s technical and stylistic characteristics. Among these in sold are both a several ride systems – specifically designed for skis, canoes and windsurfing boards – that intensify a functionality of a Fiat indication and some accessories that make it some-more aesthetically appealing, such as for instance a amalgamate circle rims and chrome counterpart covers and array image holder.


    Additionally, Mopar will offer a array of services powered by “Mopar Vehicle Protection” for a New Doblò that pledge a pinnacle assent of mind for customers, interjection to endless coverage of a automatic components and dedicated upkeep plans, as good as an assistance and correct use supposing by rarely specialised technicians who use strange gangling tools exclusively.