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World RX finale: Audi and EKS to conflict for dual vice-championship titles in South Africa

South Africa is hosting a World RX spin for a initial time this year. The construction plan of a World RX lane during Killarney International Raceway was launched in 2016. In a season’s culmination during a feet of a considerable Table Mountain, Audi motorist Mattias Ekström is going to conflict for position dual in a drivers’ championship. Before a final race, a Swede has a one-point necessity to altogether runner-up Petter Solberg. “Becoming ‘best of a rest’ isn’t bad either,” says Ekström. “We’re going to give this a all in South Africa.”

In a conflict for second place in a teams’ championship, Ekström and Heikkinen are trailing Team Peugeot Hansen by 28 points. A group can measure a limit of 56 points on a competition weekend. “We’re certain of position three, so we’ll be going for all-out conflict once again in South Africa. It’s going to be a extensive culmination of a season,” says Heikkinen. Reinis Nitišs, who will be on a grid in a third Audi S1 EKS RX quattro, shares this view. “Everything I’ve seen and listened about a new lane is really positive. We design a atmosphere there to be good as well. The places in a grandstands are pronounced to be sole out already.”

The blueprint of a new lane is rather suggestive of a World RX circuit in Portugal. At a finish of a prolonged start-finish straight, a drivers spin into an open right-hand hook on tarmac. Following a initial sand territory and another straight, there are some intertwined turns, followed usually in a final territory by a longer Joker chronicle that is driven totally on gravel.