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Worldwide deliveries by Volkswagen code from Jan – Jul in line with prior year’s level

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars code delivered 3.37 million vehicles worldwide from Jan to July, roughly relating a prior-year level. 449,100 vehicles were handed over to business in July. Describing a severe conditions, Jürgen Stackmann, Volkswagen Brand Board Member for Sales, commented: “The Volkswagen code done a discreet start to a second half of a year in Europe. One categorical reason was that Jul had dual operative days reduction this year than final year. Another cause was a special outcome caused by a ubiquitous consumer privacy in some pivotal European markets as a outcome of altered mercantile conditions.”

Volkswagen delivered 129,800 vehicles on a altogether European marketplace in July, 10.9 percent down on a before year. Deliveries in Western Europe were 14.0 percent reduce than a before year, with a code handing over a sum of 110,500 vehicles to customers, of that 46,900
(-15.6 percent) were delivered on a home marketplace of Germany. In Central and Eastern Europe, on a other hand, Volkswagen again grew deliveries significantly, handing over 19,300 vehicles (+12.5 percent) to business there.

At 51,200 units, deliveries in a North America segment in Jul were 1.7 percent down on a before year. Volkswagen handed over 28,800 vehicles to business in a USA in July, a diminution of 8.1 percent on a prior-year level. The Mexican marketplace continued to arise good following a successful launch of a up! as good as new versions of a Gol, and deliveries there in Jul ran during 16,700 vehicles (+18.3 percent). The marketplace conditions on a South American continent remained tense. Volkswagen was not defence to this trend. At 30,200 units, deliveries in South America were 25.4 percent reduce than a before year, customarily as a outcome of a pointy marketplace downturn in Brazil.

In a Asia-Pacific region, on a other hand, Volkswagen continued on a expansion trail in July, handing over 223,200 units (+12.6 percent).

The expansion motorist was a Chinese market, where 210,500 vehicles were handed over to customers, representing a clever arise of 16.7 percent compared with a before year. As a result, over 1.6 million vehicles were delivered in a initial 7 months of a year for a initial time.

Commenting on a stream conditions on a world’s largest singular market, Stackmann said: “The poignant movement on a Chinese marketplace continues.”