Ford Canada

You’ll Wish Every Seat Were This Comfy

Whether on a daily commute, picking adult a kids from volleyball practice, or streamer out of city for a weekend, we all spend a lot of time with a bums resolutely planted in a driver’s seat. In fact, a entertain of Canadians invert for 90 mins or some-more any day. That sitting time unequivocally adds adult … that’s 21,600 mins in a year!

When we demeanour during a numbers, all of that sitting can potentially means some genuine discomfort. That’s accurately since Ford has your behind (and your backside) in a continual office of a chair pattern that provides we with improved viewpoint support. Through ongoing investigate and a joining to innovative solutions, it’s all about creation your expostulate time as comfy as can be.

Ford is dedicated to a scholarship of sitting, and anticipating a safest, many gentle and many ergonomically-friendly chair possible. This Infographic sum many of a stats that support a need for a some-more gentle seat, and a ways that Ford is creation it happen.

Consider it a Science of Sitting—Ford has a dedicated Global Seating Team headed by a really possess Mike Kolich (fondly famous as Dr. Derriere since of his talent for tuckus technologies), and a array of patents that are during a forefront of motorist comfort. And not usually are Ford seats comfy, though they’re eco-friendly too. In 2007 Ford pioneered a use of soy-based froth in a seats, as partial of a goal to use some-more tolerable materials in a vehicles. Nice.

It’s all a partial of Ford’s prophesy for a improved pushing experience, one bottom during a time.