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Young and provocative: a new Audi Q2

At initial glance a Q2 already shows a muscles. With extended shoulders and bony styling, it is packed with appetite and confidence. The roofline and a low potion residence give a sporty automobile a coupe-like demeanour and a crouching position on a road. Especially distinguished are a wedge-shaped headlights, a high position of a Singleframe grille and a easily sized atmosphere inlets. The back physique has a energetic coming with a prolonged roof spoiler and a diffuser with an underbody insurance look. Behind a tailgate is a vast luggage cell with lots of space for sports apparatus or copiousness of selling items. A energy opening and shutting tailgate is accessible as an option. A unsentimental underline is a load pass-through in a back dais chair that creates it easy to ride skis or shelving.

Form follows duty – in a cockpit too. The driver’s chair position is sporty and low like in an Audi sedan, though all-round prominence is really good as is customary of an SUV. In a connectivity and infotainment area, a Q2 offers technologies from a full-size class. The motorist can use a discretionary touchpad to corkscrew by a clearly structured menu, while passengers can roller and tide with smartphones, tablets and other mobile inclination around a Wi-Fi hotspot. The speedometer and tachometer heat in a discretionary fully-digital Audi practical cockpit, whose 12.3-inch shade displays rarely minute and shining graphics. The head-up arrangement projects pivotal automobile data, including navigation instructions and pushing speed, into a driver’s approach visible field. And since that is simply not enough, if preferred Audi online services can display, for instance, parking place information, fuel prices or a latest news on a shade of a infotainment system. Twitter and name smartphone calm can also be displayed in a automobile in this way. The prosaic rate information devise compulsory for this is enclosed interjection to a SIM label that is henceforth commissioned in a Q2. A giveaway app enables online media streaming and lets users send a calendar of a smartphone to a car’s screen.

If a smartphone has an iOS handling system, it is even probable to send a residence of a favorite grill or hotel directly into a Q2 navigation system. Offering assistance in vicious situations is a customary puncture braking assistant. If a child were to unexpected run into a street, or a automobile brazen were to stop abruptly to a stop, a Q2 can stop automatically in such situations. 

On tip of that – if a applicable check symbol is set in a apparatus list – a automobile can autonomously say a stretch to a automobile ahead, guard a blind spot, commend trade signs and support in lane-keeping from a speed of 60 km/h (37.3 mph). The 4.19 scale (13.7 ft) prolonged SUV can even expostulate into together or perpendicular parking spaces – possibly in a retreat or brazen direction. It can also exit parking spaces. The motorist usually needs to set a right gear, accelerate and brake.

With brief overhangs and 20 cm (7.9 in) of belligerent clearance a Q2 scrambles adult slopes effortlessly. The permanent all-wheel expostulate complement reserve a required traction and grip. It is customary with a tip diesel and gasoline engines. Both engines are interconnected with a newly grown seven-speed automatic. At lightning speed, a dual-clutch delivery changes gears and offers seamless pushing pleasure. Those who would rather hold a rigging change push themselves will suffer a frail and accurate shifts of a primer transmission.  Audi is promulgation a Q2 to a launch with 6 engines, 3 TFSI and 3 TDI engines with between 85 kW (116 hp) and 140 kW (190 hp) of energy output.

The compress SUV arrives during dealers this fall. After that, there is zero to forestall a exam drive.

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This automobile is not nonetheless accessible on a market. It does not nonetheless have Whole Vehicle Type Approval and is therefore not theme to Directive 1999/94/EC.