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Young engineers from Southern Europe start career with Volkswagen after “StartUp Europe“ trainee program

With a “StartUp Europe” trainee program, a Volkswagen Group has already enabled 136 immature people from Spain, Portugal and Italy to advantage general experience. 92 of a immature engineers have now perceived practice contracts within a Group, while other budding talents are now completing a module that was generally tailored for them. Volkswagen launched StartUp Europe in 2012 for immature graduates from Spain and Portugal and extended a module to Italy in 2014.

Dr. Horst Neumann, Member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft obliged for Human Resources, says: “In Southern Europe, it is formidable for immature graduates to find a earnest career entrance event even with a good degree. With a StartUp Europe trainee program, Volkswagen has insincere shortcoming and is charity superb prospects to immature engineers who have demonstrated good performance.”

The Chairman of a Group and General Works Council, Bernd Osterloh, emphasizes:

“Right from a start, a StartUp Europe trainee module was unequivocally renouned with immature graduates from Spain, Portugal and Italy. Volkswagen has offering them an event of starting their careers with a globally active industrial organisation following successful appearance in a program. The practice contracts for former trainees uncover that appearance is worthwhile.”

Since it was launched, a StartUp Europe trainee module has captivated substantial seductiveness among university graduates in Spain, Portugal and Italy. About 7,000 immature organisation and women have already practical to attend in a program.

Following a successful application, module participants are primarily employed for dual years. They spend a initial few months of a module operative in their home nation before being reserved to a German Group association for adult to 21 months. The participants advantage from seminars and denunciation courses that make it easier for them to start work within a Group.

The initial organisation of trainees started with SEAT in Spain 2012 and finished a module in 2014. In 2013 graduates assimilated a module around VW Navarra in Spain and a initial Portuguese graduates gained knowledge within a Group around Volkswagen Autoeuropa in Portugal. The initial trainee module for Italian engineers started in 2014. Volkswagen Group companies Seat, VW Navarra, VW Autoeuropa, Ducati, Lamborghini, Italdesign Giugiaro and VW Group Italia are all holding partial in a StartUp Europe program. In Germany, participants work for Volkswagen and Audi.

The trainees also enclosed Lucia Escorial Lopez (30), a chemical operative from Valladolid, 200 km to a north of Madrid. She is now operative in Group Quality Assurance, in a International Supplier Audit Coordination Department . She says: “I wanted to work for a large, successful organization. The predicament in Spain supposing me with an event of operative for a Volkswagen Group. The preference routine is unequivocally intensive, though my joining valid to be worthwhile. During my training assignment in Wolfsburg, we was means to work on a cross-brand plan and learnt a lot. People in Germany work unequivocally efficiently, that unequivocally tender me. we was means to minister some Spanish coherence and a certain levity of hold to a team. we unequivocally most wish that we will have a successful career with Volkswagen. At a moment, we am starting by subordinate as an auditor.”

Lucia Escorial Lopez is a member of a group of Wolfgang Hering, Head of International Supplier Audit Coordination in Group Quality Assurance. He emphasizes: “The StartUp Europe trainees are rarely committed. They heighten Volkswagen with their interdisciplinary dilettante imagination and enlarge their teams’ horizons. we would suggest all my colleagues to take a StartUp Europe trainee on board.